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    Ever get home from a horse show or agility trial, try to visualize the courses you ran and what you could have done differently or more efficiently, only to realize that, thanks to the nerves and adrenaline, you can barely recall your time in the ring?

     We here at Paws and Rewind, being horse and dog exhibitors ourselves, have experienced this type of ordeal and have discovered for ourselves how beneficial it can be to one’s training program to have documented footage of each show experience.  Whether your competition partner is an equine or canine, whether you are a novice just beginning your competitive career or a professional fine tuning your craft, having the opportunity to carefully review your footage can help you determine what the next step should be.  For those who compete for the sheer joy of spending some quality time bonding with an animal companion, having one's courses on film can be a wonderful memento of the time you have shared together.

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